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The best bed for a Pug

Pugpod provides Pug owners with high quality, well made products that address Pug-specific needs. Pugpod donates to Pug charities, we want all Pugs to live their best life. By Pugpod: owner/founder Erin Molloy.   follow facebook  Instagram Once  a Pug has owned you for a while, it doesn't take long to realise that where you are, your pug will be also. Pugs take clingy to a whole new level.  Pugpod created this little pug lounge/carseat/ bed to give your Pug a safe place to watch you from. The bed is  made Pug size and there is also a small shelf for their chin to rest on (that's important) The bed is also up off the ground,  yet still low enough for older Pugs'...

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