Once a Pug has "owned" you for a while, it doesn't take long to realise that where you are, your Pug will be also. Pugs take clingy to a whole new level. They were bred solely as companion dogs, and they take the job very seriously. 

Pugpod created this little Pug lounge/car seat/ bed to give your Pug a safe place to watch you from. The bed is made Pug size, and there is also a small shelf for their chin to rest on (that's important). The bed is also up off the ground, yet still low enough for older Pugs' to climb up in. We all know Pugs love their comfort and like to be up higher than ground level! Your Pug can put themselves to bed & watch you until they drift off to sleep. The Pug bed can travel around the house with you both, from the office to the bedroom to the kitchen. The bed also goes in the car, which is excellent for taking your Pug on car trips. It doubles as a car seat. I got my Pug Stanley accustomed to his Pug bed in the house first. Then when it became his little haven, I transferred it into the car.

The bed has a part for the car seat belt to go through and an attachment to your Pugs' harness! I know. My Pug Stanley is getting old, so it's his little safe place. As we know, Pug anxiety can ramp up the older they get. I have found that the Pug bed has quelled a lot of Stanley's stress. He puts himself to bed every night. When I visit family or friends, I put his bed in the car. When I arrive at the destination, I take the bed in, and Stanley feels right at home no matter where we are; it's like he has his Pug man cave. Also, friends & family don't talk about all the Pug hair left behind after we go. It's all contained in the fully removable cover that will wash like a dream. It is made of a high-quality cotton canvas that won't rip or tear.

Colours are black or fawn with contrasting trim. I use one the same colour as Stanley, fawn with black trim, 

Beware, though. Your Pug may get very attached to his bed. If there is one thing a Pug takes more seriously than food, it's sleep. 

Available now at  Australian made Dog bed 

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