Let's talk about the never ending search for the best bed for a Pug dog !

Once  a Pug has owned you for a while, it doesn't take long to realise that everything in a Pugs’ world needs to be washable. That's not to say that Pugs aren't clean dogs, it's just to say that they do have certain,,,, lets say challenges. Like shedding for instance and then there is the potty um er “toilet training challenge ”, but we will leave that for another conversation,,,

Let's talk about the never ending search for the perfect Pug dog bed! I have gone through so many dog beds for my Pug Stanley I can't count. Some were thrown out because they can't be washed and became unbearabley stinky, some got ripped through Pug rough treatment and stuffing ended up from one end of the house to another. Other beds my Pug Stanley would not lie on, he would simply walk on by because they were too low to the ground or uncomfortable. We all know Pugs love their comfort and like to be up higher than ground level ! They would preferably like to be up on your head or at the very least your lounge or bed. I can not count how many cheap donut beds we have been through, and they all looked so promising. Next I would buy the expensive ones and then sadly ruin them in the washing process or they went flat as a pancake or worse still lumpy. 

Finally I did find the perfect Pug bed; I just had to get it made myself! It has all the features a Pug needs and it also goes in the car!!  It's like a small Pug lounge and car seat in one! It's made Pug size and there is also a small shelf for their chin to rest on. It is high up off the ground, yet still low enough for older Pugs' to climb up in. Stanley can hop in his travel bed and watch me until he drifts off to sleep.You could say the bed is like his small ship and I'm like the horizon! I named  it the Pug travel bed because it travels all around the house with Stanley and me, from the office to the bedroom to the kitchen. It  also goes in the car when Stanley comes with me shopping or if we go somewhere overnight. I got Stanley accustomed to his Pug travel bed in the house first, then when it became his little safe haven, I tried it in the car. The bed has a part for the car seat belt to go through, and attachment to that goes to your Pugs' harness! Stanley is getting old so it's definitely his little safe place, as we know Pug anxiety can ramp up the older they get, and I have found that the Pug travel bed has quelled a lot of Stanley's high strung, shadowing me everywhere anxiety. He is close enough to be happy ,and far enough away that his snoring and fluffs don't overwhelm me ! When I go to visit family or friends I put the travel bed in the car, then when I arrive at the destination I take the bed in and Stanley feels right at home no matter where we are, its like he has his own man cave. Also friends don't talk about all the Pug hair we left behind when we go. And back to washing, the Pugpod travel bed has a fully removable cover, that will wash like a dream and dries quickly I chose a high quality upholstery fabric that won't rip or tear, yet it is lovely and soft and cosy. Colours are black or fawn with contrasting trim.I use one the same colour as Stanley, Fawn with black trim,,, 

 Beware though,,,your Pug may get very attached to his travel bed, if there is one thing a Pug takes more seriously than food,

it's  sleep.

available now at www.pugpod.com 

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