The Pug Spa productwork together to create a pleasant grooming experience for you and your Pug !

All you need to do to decrease the expanse of hair left behind after a cuddle encounter is Brush-Shampoo-Condition and Wrap!

The secret to less shedding is a regular grooming routine! 

Pugpod shampoo & conditioner is incredibly gentle and can be used safely regularly.

*The Pugpod shampoo is very thin and will get down through your Pugs short and extremely thick double coat to cleanse and remove odour.

*A gentle vegetable based formula, so you can soap up your pugs mask and clean in the nose wrinkle where grime accumulates.

*The Pugpod formula of an organic herbal blend and Aloe Vera will help release your Pugs' tightly packed undercoat ; reducing shedding over time.

*The Pugpod Creme Conditioner will seal in nutrients, prevent static and lockout pollutants.

*The  Pug robe is custom made and designed for your pugs shape with a tail hole and hood, wrap your Pug up in their very own little bath robe.