Pug dog bed
The best bed for a Pug
Pug dog bed


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"I need somewhere to sleep for fourteen hours a day! And it has to be soft, up off the ground and very comfy "

Designed so you can take your Pug everywhere with you and give your Pug a warm safe place to watch you from. 

Shelf for a Pug head rest

Removeable, washable outer cover is machine washable and dries quickly

Soft and comfortable premium foam

Made to fit a Pug perfectly

Transport to any room and your car

Made to fit in your car , the car seat belt  fits through the open slots in the back. A strap then attaches to your Pugs' harness

Perfect for travelling with your Pug

Most older Pugs can step into this bed when it is at floor level

Made in Australia

Strap included to secure your Pugs’ harness to the car seat belt (only attatch to your Pugs harness, never a collar)

Pug harness not included.


Pugpod donates to Pugs SOS, a charity organisation dedicated to keeping  pugs out of puppy farms.

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