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If it's a sweet smelling, clean Pug your wanting then the Pug Spa Pack is a good place to start!

Custom made formula,  created especially for Pugs. The Organic Herbal Blend and Aloe Vera will help release your Pugs' tightly packed undercoat ; reducing shedding over time.

Use with the Pugpod Creme Conditioner and it will seal in nutrients, prevent static and lockout pollutants.

The completely naturally made Paw balm provides relief  for dry, cracked paws 

The Pug Spa Pack Contains

1x 500ml Shampoo

1x 500ml Conditioner

1x 25gms Paw Balm 

The Pugpod products are all completely natural and contain no SLS, SLIS Parabens or synthethic fragrances. 

Please ensure to use plenty of water with the Shampoo as it contains none of the harsh foaming ingredients that can cause irritation to your Pugs' sensitive skin. The Pugpod products are so gentle they can be used safely regularly. They won't cause skin dryness or irritation. 

Try using the Pugpod Spa Robe; made to put on your Pug post bath.The robe will do half the drying for you.

Pugpod donates 10% of all profits to Pugs SOS, a charity organisation dedicated to keeping pugs out of puppy farms.