Pug hemp wrap harness
Pug wrap harness
Pug Wrap harness in Black, Fawn and Charcoal Stripe


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Eco friendly,  

Soft, sturdy and comfortable. 

 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton

Made in Australia

One size fits adult Pugs from 7 to 12 kg 

Secures at the neck and chest 

Clip your pugs' lead to the Harness D-Ring 

Machine washable 

TM Velcro ( because it lasts )

Model Chandler is 9kg 

You and your Pug will love the hemp wrap harness, it just moulds to your Pug's shape and is made in a beautiful hemp and organic cotton fabric that is so soft yet durable and and barks quality.

The hemp Wrap Harness is very well suited to older Pugs as it is soft and the wrap style can make them feel more secure. Pugpod only uses eco friendly fabrics.  Please ensure that at least 3cm of the velcro is overlapping so the straps stay securely together.  You may want to put the wrap harness on your Pug around the house first, so your Pug gets accustomed to the harness and to make sure the straps are on securely. The more your Pug wears the harness the more it will soften and mould to your Pugs' shape. Pugpod recommends the black harness for the black Pugs, the Fawn for the Fawn Pugs and the stripe for both Pugs.

Buy two or more of the harness and get an automatic discount  of 30% off at the checkout. 

Pugpod donates 10% of all profits to Pugs SOS, a charity organisation dedicated to keeping pugs out of puppy farms.