Fair Isle knit
Fair Isle knit

Fair Isle knit

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Keep your Pug cozy and warm in our Pugpod® fair isle Knits 

Hand knitted locally for Pugpod 

Each Vest is entirely original and has its own unique Fair isle design ( model is wearing a similar style only) 

Styled to a Pugs' shape 

Cosy breathable wool

Pullover turtleneck style

Square body shape

Ribbed trim

100% Biodegradable ( no plastics )

Hand wash or gentle machine wash with an appropriate wool wash 

Fits a Pug from 7- 12 kg 

 Grey, Chocolate 


Model is the gorgeous Franky.

Photo credit  Instagram account 


 Pugpod donates to Pug Charities  we want all Pugs to live their best life !