Pug in Grey Polar Vest


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🐾 Introducing the Pugpod® Polar Fleece Vest.

Warmth without Weight: This winter, your Pug will feel comfortable and cosy in this lightweight, non-constricting Polar Fleece vest.

Versatile Design: The vest features a convenient Harness Hole, allowing your Pug to wear it over their walking harness during chilly early morning walks. 

Premium Quality: Made from 100% Quality Polar Fleece, with a double layer on the back and a single layer on the chest. This design keeps your Pug warm while preventing overheating.

Comfort First: Designed with comfortably large front leg holes to combat overheating, ensuring your Pug stays snug without getting too hot.

Easy Care: Machine washable for your convenience, allowing for quick clean-ups after outdoor adventures.

Perfect Fit: Suitable for Pugs weighing from 7 to 11 kg. Model "Betty," weighing 9 kg, exemplifies the vest's ideal fit.

Handcrafted in Australia: Each vest is handmade with love and expertise by Pugpod in Australia, ensuring top-notch quality.

Give your Pug the gift of warmth and freedom with the Pugpod® Polar Fleece Vest. Order now and let your Pug enjoy winter walks in comfort and style!